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How to prepare for your appointment with Dr. Fountain

It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that any blood tests or lab work is completed prior to scheduled appointment with Dr. Fountain. Please confirm with the lab that the results will be sent to Fountain Health via email info@fmg.bm or fax: (441) 232-2029.


Fountain Health’s receptionist will call you a week in advance of your appointment to confirm your appointment; this should also serve as a personal reminder to complete the blood work. At this time, they will also give you directions to Dr. Fountain’s new practice. This information is also included in your email appointment reminder.

Upon arrival of your appointment, please check-in with the receptionist. Regardless of if you have been a former patient or if you are a new referral patient to Dr. Fountain, when you arrive for your first appointment in her new practice, you will need to fill in a “new patient information sheet” and provide a photo ID and your insurance card for your file.

Every first appointment with Dr. Fountain is 1 hour long, follow-up appointments are generally ½ hr.

Obtaining Patient Records from BHB/DREAM

Many of Dr. Fountain’s former BHB/DREAM patients will need to request their patient files from BHB. Please go to her former office at BHB/DREAM (MAWI buildings) and fill out their form to request a copy of your files. Depending on how large your file is, there may be a cost and it could take up to 10-days. Collection of your file will be at the hospital, not at the DREAM center. Please ensure that all your questions regarding the ordering and collection of your file are answered by the staff when filling out the request form.

The best option is to drop of your file to Fountain Health at least a few days prior to your appointment day. This allows office staff to scan your file into your new Fountain Health electronic file prior to your appointment with Dr. Fountain.

Appointment Payments

Payment for your appointment is required at time of appointment. Patient portion co-pays will differ based on the patient’s insurance provider & policy as well as the type & length of appointment and any services completed within.

Dr. Fountain gives a $100 discount on a patient’s initial appointment co-pay if they are former patients from BHB/DREAM during 2016 & 2017.

Results from Requested Labs and Tests

If your blood work or requested labs and images are not done at KEMH, please remind the medical staff to copy the results to Dr. Fountain either via email info@fmg.bm or
fax: (441) 232-2029. This ensures Dr. Fountain can review them promptly and manage any needed changes.